About Us

The Big Island Junior Golf Association was founded in 2002 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. In it's earlier form as the Hilo Junior Golf Association and the Young Fighters Junior Golf Club, this organization has been serving the youth of the Big Island since 1967. Founders and past presidents include George Mukai, Earl Tamiya, Aaron Ueno, Jodie Kimura, Jon Mitsuda, Dexter Hironaga, and Jeff Ng. 

We're located in Hilo, Hawaii but consist of membership from around the Big Island. Our junior golfers get to play on the many beautiful golf courses around the island. The primary goal of the Big Island Junior Golf Association (BIJGA) is to promote life skills through the game of golf. It is our intention to not only introduce and nurture one's golf skills, but also to build one's character by encouraging honesty, abiding by the rules, courtesy, good sportsmanship, self discipline, and perseverance. 

Juniors develop fundamental golfing skills at the various events organized by the BIJGA, as well as learn about themselves. Participants not only discover their physical and emotional peaks, but also learn about their physical and emotional limits. 

When they decide to play in golf tournaments organized by the BIJGA, participants learn to make decisions in an environment of competition, Best of all, while they are learning, they're having fun! For the serious Junior Golfers, the BIJGA can also help them understand the sometimes confusing and complicated procedures required to compete in Statewide and National Junior Golf Tournaments. 

The success of this program is possible due to the support received from dedicated board members, parents, businesses, and our local golf professionals.

BIJGA Mission

BIJGA will promote life skills through the the game of golf and provide opportunities for all skill levels.