BIJGA Annual Dinner

This BIJGA event gives our members, families, and guests a chance to come together, unwind, fellowship, and enjoy a delicious dinner. There will be a program to follow which will include:

  • Hilo Junior Match Play Champion Awards
  • Farwell speeches from our Outgoing Senior Junior Golfers.  
  • A chance to see and hear our current junior members, as they introduce themselves, their school, and parents. 
  • Junior talent showcase (other than golf) if we're lucky.
  • Most inspirational male and female "Player of the year" will be announced and awarded. 
  • An Award of appreciation that will be presented to one of our generous supporters. 
  • A video showing some of the year's Junior Golf highlights
  • Current Junior member's dinner is paid for through their annual membership fee.

Contact Brandy Volpe for more information.