Spectator guidlines

Spectators are allowed only if the hosting golf facility and tournament committee allows it.  

Exceptions to be on the course during play would be you are a: 

  • Caddie (8 and under Division only) 
  • Volunteer assigned to a position performing duties such as rules official, starter, marshal, scorekeeper, shuttle driver, spotter, checkpoint official, etc. 
  • Tournament Committee Member

Spectator Code of Conduct once competition has begun:

All spectators must adhere to the BIJGA dress code policy. Proper attire includes a collared shirt, shorts, skorts, skirts, or slacks, belt if pants have loops, and covered shoes. Men and boys shirts must be tucked in and belts worn if pants or shorts have belt loops. Women and Girls shirts with straight hems designed to be worn out are allowed. Women and girls are also allowed to wear skirts or skorts.

The following is not allowed: denim, slippers, surf shorts, short skirts, cargo shorts, bare feet, tee shirts without collar, and tank tops. (BIJGA collared shirts must be worn by PLAYERS at all scheduled BIJGA golf events) 

  • All spectators must check in at the registration table. 
  • Minimize all contact between yourself and the players, including your own child until the scoring process is complete at the scoring table. 
  • Do not accompany or communicate with player during tournament or club play (unless one is a caddy or scorekeeper). 
  • Cheering the player on (english only) such as "good shot", "good job", etc., is allowed. 
  • If you wish to hand your child a drink or some other item they might need, feel free to do so, but keep all conversations brief, and make sure you are not giving any advice to your child. 
  • Keep in mind that the competition is between your junior and the rest of the field. You should never involve yourself with the players in any way that could be considered coaching or advising. 
  • Coaching and/or giving advice to your child will result in a penalty assessed to your child. 
  • Anyone who coaches or gives advice to their child repeatedly in despite of being warned and previously penalized may result in child disqualification and immediate suspension of spectator privileges. 
  • In general, keep a reasonable distance from the players. Remain on the cart path at all times or at least 50 yards away from the group if a cart path is not available. 
  • Do NOT walk down the fairway with them. 
  • Do NOT go on the greens or tees. Observe players on the Tee Box or Green from a reasonable location that will not disturb participants. 
  • Spectators must observe without disrupting players. Quiet photo taking are ok but cell phones are not allowed on the golf course during play. 
  • If you walk ahead of the group, do not position yourself in a manner that would give your child some information on how to play a shot. 
  • If you walk with the group, keep to the side of play. Please do not walk down the fairway behind the group as it might hold up the group behind. Walking on fairways while following a group is not allowed unless you are crossing the fairway perpendicular to the green and tee box. 
  • Be aware of other groups on the golf course at all times. 
  • Please help look for potentially lost balls safely. It can help speed up play and help the group avoid a pace of play penalty

Inappropriate Behavior: 
  • Any spectator that shows lack of respect for players, volunteers, or rules officials. 
  • Obscene, abusive, or vulgar language
  • Any physical contact with anyone with the intent to do bodily harm
  • Inappropriate behavior at any time will result in suspension of spectator privileges.

Spectator use of cart policy

  • Use of a spectator cart must get approval from the tournament chairperson. 
  • Use of a spectator cart is warranted by physical or health reasons. 
  • If approved, spectator carts must be operated in a safe manner, observing golf etiquette and without any unnecessary interference with play. 
  • This privilege may only be used at courses that allow spectators on the course. 
  • Spectators are responsible for the courses cart fee. It will be at the discretion of the host facility if they will grant use of spectator carts.