Notay Begay III BIJGA Local Qualifier

Mr. Notah Begay III, a Native American Pro Golfer on the PGA and Golf Channel Analyst, created the Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship.  We will abbreviate this event to NB3 and steer you to for more info and results for this Jr Championship.


All of the prominent Junior Golf Programs in Hawaii were asked to become a partner of the NB3 program and host a Local Qualifier. BIJGA has agreed to participate and will hold an 18-hole Qualifier on June 10th at Hualalai Golf Course, of which, we will send 4 girls and 4 boys to the 36-hole Hawaii Regionals held on the dates and at the locations listed below:


August 26-27, 2023        Boys at Pearl Country Club

October 7-8, 2023          Girls at Hualalai Golf Course

Our BIJGA spots will be:

          Boys 14-18  Top-2               Girls 14-18  Top-2

          Boys 10-13  Top-2               Girls 10-13  Top-2


Participants in 3rd place will be reserved as Alternatives if in case the Top 2 positions are unable to advance to Regionals accordingly.

BIJGA member ages 10 to 18 are eligible to play in our local BIJGA qualifier.  A player’s age division is determined by their age on May 1st.  Example: 10-year olds must be age 10 on or before May 1st.  If a player turns 14 in July of 2023, they will compete in the 12-13 Division throughout the entirety of the Series even though they may be 14 during a Local or Regional Final.  If a player is 19 or attending College during the Local/Regional/Championship stages of the NB3 JGNC, they will not be able to participate.  (Ages 10-13 has the option to play with a caddy in our BIJGA qualifier.)

How to register for our BIJGA Local Qualifier

So! How to register for our Local BIJGA Qualifier? 

When: Saturday June 10th

Where: Hualalai Golf Course

Time: First tee time at 10am

Registration Opens: 9am


Entry Deadline: Wednesday May 31, 2023

Registration is open - click here to sign-up.


Players who meet at least one of the exemption criteria will be able to bypass Local Events and can register for up to two (2) Regional Finals of their choice where they are only 36-holes away from playing on the Golf Channel!  For players who do not meet at least one of the exemption criteria, they will need to play in a Local Event in order to advance to the Regional Finals.

2023 Exception Criteria and Yardage

(Players must meet at least one of the below criteria to be considered exempt) 

  -Top 10 in an NB3 Regional Final in 2020, 2021 or 2022  

  -NB3 National Championship Finalists in 2020, 2021 or 2022

  -Peggy Kirk Bell Girls Golf Tour Performance Index top 250 Players

  -Peggy Kirk Bell Girls Golf Tour Class Performance Index top 25% 

  -Peggy Kirk Bell Girls Golf Tour Order of Merit top-3 within Last Year


The following are the 2023 National Champ age divisions and the approximate yardages that correspond with each age group. *These yardages are approximations, meaning they are subject to change once our team arrives on-site based on things like course conditions, weather, and location.


Boys 14-15 & Boys 16-18:      6,600 - 6,900 (Par 72) *No Caddies Allowed 

Boys 12-13:                              5,700 - 6,000 (Par 72) *Caddies OPTIONAL at all events

Boys 10-11:                              5,000 - 5,300 (Par 72) *Caddies MANDATORY at all events Girls 14-15 & Girls 16-18:       5,700 - 6,000 (Par 72) *No Caddies Allowed 

Girls 12-13:                               5,000 - 5,300 (Par 72) *Caddies OPTIONAL at all events  

Girls 10-11:                               4,500 - 4,800 (Par 72) *Caddies MANDATORY at all events


The maximum number of players will vary slightly depending on the regional tournament. NB3 will take anywhere between 60 to 150 players from Regional events across the country, then will qualify and invite approximately 140 boys and up to 140 girls to each one of the separate 54-hole championships that will take place in November.