Notay Begay III BIJGA Local Qualifier

We are excited to announce that registration is now open for the 2024 Big Island Junior Golf Association - Notah Begay III Local Qualifier which will be held on June 8, 2024 at the beautiful Mauna Lani Resort - North (Boys) & South (Girls) Courses. Please find the Registration Link at the bottom of this page.

Mr. Notah Begay III, a Native American Pro Golfer on the PGA and an analyst on the Golf Channel created this event to provide a platform for players to compete against the best juniors in the Country in a true, open qualifying series. The National Championship will be televised on Golf Channel that will be airing over 2 hours of broadcast time. These players will have a chance to be recognized on a platform like no other. Some notable juniors who played in the National Championship are Charlie Woods and our very own, Leo Saito.

This is a very special event for BIJGA juniors ages 10 and up. For the second year in a row, BIJGA has been invited to host this Local Qualifier. This one-day tournament is 18 holes, stroke play, beginning at 10:00am (1st Tee Times). Securing a qualifying spot will allow the junior to play in the Hawaii Regional Qualifier two-day Tournament which will also be held on the Big Island on August 3-4 at Mauna Lani Resort - North (Boys) & South (Girls) Courses. And the winners/qualifiers of the Hawaii Regional Qualifier will then move on to play in the Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship at Koasati Pines at Coushatta located in Kinder, Louisiana in November.

Girls Championship Tournament: Nov 3-5, 2024.

Boys Championship Tournament: Nov 8-10,2024.

June 8, 2024 BIJGA Local Qualifier

Please see below information and criteria for the BIJGA NB3 Local Qualifier.

All BIJGA members are invited to participate who (are):

  • BIJGA current/registered members in good standing
  • Tournament Ready
  • Shoot 100 or less during a round without an 8 pickup
  • Able to play 1 round - 18 holes (walking)
  • Ages 10-18 as of May 1, 2024

Yardages (Approximate)


Age 10-11 Forward Gold Tees 5170 yards: Caddies: Mandatory

Age 12-13 Middle White Tees 5977 yards: Caddies: Optional

Age 14-15 Tournament Blue Tees 6579 yards: No Caddies

Age 16-18 Tournament Blue Tees 6579 yards: No Caddies


Age 10-11 Forward Gold Tees 4979 yards: Caddies: Mandatory

Age 12-13 Forward Gold Tees 5100 yards: Caddies: Optional

Age 14-15 Middle White Tees 5700 yards: No Caddies

Age 16-18 Middle White Tees 5700 yards: No Caddies

Age Divisions and Qualifying Spots (Note: Age Divisions are different from BIJGA Club Play and Tournaments)

Boys Age Division and Qualifying Spot(s)

10-11: 1

12-13: 2

14-15: 2

16-18: 2

Girls Age Division and Qualifying Spot(s)

10-11: 1

12-13: 1

14-15: 1

16-18: 1

If your son or daughter is younger than 10 years old and would like to play in this event, parents are required to email NB3 at: for approval. Playing at the required yardage listed on the Tournament Information Page, maintaining pace of play, and playing without a stroke limit are things to consider in deciding to have your child play in this tournament. If you have received permission from NB3 for your junior under 10 to participate, please let the BIJGA committee know.

BIJGA NB3 Registration Deadline: June 3, 2024

Congratulations to the juniors who are exempt or may have already qualified for the NB3 Regional Tournament. You will still be allowed to sign up, however because we have a limited amount of tee times: Limited to 32 boys and 24 girls, players who have not yet qualified will have priority for this event.

Volunteers are crucial in running our tournaments/club plays/events. This is a special event and we want to try to duplicate the format and rules of play for the NB3 Regional to prepare our BIJGA juniors for the next stages. We are expecting a good turnout, which means that we will need a lot of volunteer assistance. Because caddies will also be allowed for the 10-13 age group, we know that our volunteer pool will be lower than usual. We ask that you please consider signing up for a volunteer position for this event, even if you have no volunteer experience. All assistance is much appreciated!

Click here for pairings for Mauna Lani South Girls

Click here for pairings for Mauna Lani North Boys

If you have questions feel free to reach out to anyone on the BIJGA-NB3 committee.


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