What To Expect

When your junior golfer is scheduled to play in a BIJGA Club Play or tournament, there are a few things parents and Juniors should know in advance. 

  • Tournament info: We will send an e-mail to the address associated with the player’s account. Please make sure you list a current email address (on the tournament entry form) that is checked regularly. Important information such as your tournament confirmation, tournament format, yardages, local rules, thank you card recipients, etc. will more than likely be sent there. This is for BIJGA Tournaments only and not for Club Play. 
  • Starting times: Pairings or tee times will be posted on this website and/or emailed to you prior to the tournament/club play. Please DO NOT call the golf course for this information. 
  • Dress code: Please make sure your child is properly dressed for our events. See our dress code policy BIJGA Rules 6, 7, & 8. 
  • Registration: Every Junior participant must register themselves at the registration table at least 20 minutes before tee time. The registration table is usually setup and open approximately 1 hour prior to the first scheduled tee time. 
  • Scoring table: Before packing it up and going home, each junior participant must report to the scoring table. They will do this together, along with the other players in the group. It is there that they will make sure their score on their scorecard is correct hole by hole. Parents and spectators must wait for this step to be completed before they can speak with their junior player. 
  • Electronic measuring devices: Electronic Measuring Devices that measure distance (without slope) ARE allowed in BIJGA events.